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The Origianl Free Paris Bike Tour

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    The Origianl Free Paris Bike Tour

    Welcome to Paris and our Original Free Paris Bike Tour. Come see the magic of  Paris and all of its history with this free bike tour. Traveling by bike allows us to show off so much more of this amazing city, and trust us there is even way more to be scene. From Napoleon to modern day problems, our local guides pack this tour with as much history, culture, and information about Paris and its residents as possible. Along the way we will stop at some of the most recognized and infamous buildings, monuments, and statues in the world. We don’t just show off the tourist side of Paris though, our local guides are a great source of information on the best places to eat, local events, and every thing modern Paris. Come learn your way around the city and get the inside tips on how to make your Paris holiday one of a kind. Whatever you end up doing don’t miss this Original Free Paris Bike Tour!

    The Free Paris Bike Tour is around 3 hours and features:

    The Louvre

    The Eiffel Tower


    L’Arc de Triumph

    Sacre-Coeur and other Cathedrals

    Parks and other historical sites

    much, much more…

    The Free Paris Bike Tour can change based on the time of year, local events, and even the guide of the day. All our guides have different passions around Paris that we encourage to show off. In this way we try and make every tour an Original experience. This tour is great for groups, couples, and solo travelers. We travel at a leasurable pace and have many stops along the way. We all encourage social tours and our guides love to meet people and enjoy fun groups while they show off their favorite city! Bikes are available for rent or bring one you already have! Come see the magic of Paris with us!

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    Karina (Germany)
    "The best way to see the city is a free tour! Had a great time" - Karina (Germany)
    Jim (U.S.A.)
    "Met some really cool people on the pub crawl and ended up going back!!" - Jim (U.S.A.)